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At Sprout Health California Detox, we understand how challenging life can become for both the addicted individual and their loved one. We offer detox treatment for both drug and alcohol addiction. We congratulate you for taking the first, and perhaps, most important step of admitting there is a problem, and then seeking help. We also understand how challenging the actual process of detox can be. Our trained and caring clinical staff is experienced in helping individuals to eliminate drugs and alcohol from their body. During the process, detox can be potentially uncomfortable and dangerous. Our mission is to provide you with detox treatments in a safe and secure environment.

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Addiction Can Affect More Than Just The Addicted

Addiction happens, and it does not discriminate between race, gender, or age. It breaks up marriages, relationships, and it can destroy finances. The fact remains that people with an addiction often find it nearly impossible to sustain mutually satisfying relationships. They lose their identity and their self-worth plummets. However, the addicted person is not always the only one to suffer. There are people who remain loyal to them through thick and thin, and after a while it takes its toll on their sanity and health.

Codependency was once used to describe the spouse of an addicted person. That description has changed and taken on a broader role. It now describes a myriad of dysfunctional relationships that have addiction as a basis for the commonality. Where there is codependency, chronic mental problems, and sexual, physical, and psychological abuses are also present in some shape or form.

The term describes those people who have a tendency to adopt specific behaviors and patterns with their addicted loved one. These type of bonds can also describe similar behaviors when a person is taking care of someone who is ill. Codependents value themselves in how well they are able to meet the needs of the other individual.
Codependents may display the following traits:

  • Bouts of depression and low self-esteem
  • Anger
  • Dishonesty and lying
  • A fear of being abandoned
  • Need for approval and recognition
  • Guilty feelings
  • Difficulty communication
  • Overt concerns about what other people think
  • Difficulty saying no

This list is by no means comprehensive and the final say. The truth is codependents are at risk themselves for becoming dependent on alcohol or some type of drug. The reason being is that codependents have a tendency to place the welfare of others above their own. Often, their own health and mental needs are neglected and overlooked.

Understanding Codependency

Codependency is also a vicious cycle. The afflicted person becomes more dependent on the support of the codependent. The end result is a never-ending cycle of dependency where no one receives the help the truly need. At Sprout Health California Detox, we understand the behavioral issues that can surface when family member remains too long in that state of being. Codependency is actually a learned behavior that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

Both emotional and behavioral-based, it can affect anyone’s ability to behave in a healthy manner. The relationships that are formed are always one-sided. It is easy to learn by watching others display the symptoms. It can be a woman’s reaction to her husband, or the husband’s reaction to his wife.

Additional Signs of Codependency

There are signs that an individual may be codependent. It is a person who rarely looks outside of themselves for something to make them feel better. Typically, they have forgotten how to live their own life. This can often lead to drug, nicotine, or alcohol abuse. Other codependents may resort to gambling, working long hours, and indiscriminate sexual activity. Codependency is in every facet of life. A father or mother may pull some strings to keep a child out of trouble who keeps ditching school. A brother or sister may look the other way rather than bring their sibling to task about their bad behavior. These things add up, and before long, the codependent is partially responsible for another person’s behavior.

Our Support for Codependents

We can help family members to learn more about addiction and their loved one’s condition. Family members can also gain valuable insights about the recovery process, program after-care, how codependency happens, and how their support is so critical for the addicted individual.

We can explore and treat codependency by exploring the codependent’s childhood. There could be issues that run deep, and that can explain their current behavior patterns. Treatment includes education, association with experimental groups, and group/individual therapy. Codependents are able to rediscover themselves and to identify and avoid their faulty behavior. Therapy can give them a new lease on life.

If your or someone you know exhibits signs of being codependent, we can help. At Sprout Health California Detox, we have the talented and dedicated staff members that can help get your life back on track. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and success stories.

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