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At Sprout Health California Detox, we understand how challenging life can become for both the addicted individual and their loved one. We offer detox treatment for both drug and alcohol addiction. We congratulate you for taking the first, and perhaps, most important step of admitting there is a problem, and then seeking help. We also understand how challenging the actual process of detox can be. Our trained and caring clinical staff is experienced in helping individuals to eliminate drugs and alcohol from their body. During the process, detox can be potentially uncomfortable and dangerous. Our mission is to provide you with detox treatments in a safe and secure environment.

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What To Expect

A Whole New Life Awaits You

The admissions process must be addressed before starting an inpatient drug rehab program. At Sprout Health California Detox, our expert clinical staff is ready to assist in every way possible to provide with information and payment options that can prepare you for the rehab treatment needed. Our staff is highly qualified, and each member has the needed credentials and certifications to make them an expert at what they do.

As such, we know how difficult the decision can be for some to admit there is a substance abuse problem, and then to seek clinical help. This is why we do everything we can to streamline the admissions process and to make it as comfortable as possible. We can help with determining how your treatment will be paid for, and then set a time for you to tour our facility.

  • Financial guidance – If the patient is without insurance, we will help explore payment options with our patient and their family.
  • Physical and history – Patients receive a physical that reveals information we can use to tailor the patient’s treatment program.
  • Individual meetings (one-on-one) can provide patients with the psychological help they need to understand how thought and behavior are related.

Checking into Rehab

You will be notified ahead of time for what items to bring, and what items to leave behind. It is essential to follow instructions. Detox and rehab is a serious process, and we want your treatments to be as effective as possible. This means you will have to focus and remain in the moment. During admission, we will administer a drug test to determine what substances you are using. You will also be given a questionnaire so that we can thoroughly assess your situation and plan a treatment that is unique for you. Drug tests may also be administered throughout your stay to make sure you are maintaining abstinence.

Our assessments and evaluations are thorough, so that we can gain a complete understanding of your background and related substance abuse. Our goal is to provide the treatments and therapies that will lead to long-term abstinence.

Expect Your Program to Be Tailored

Your rehab specialists can help tailor your treatment program. Our rehab specialists are certified, and they know their business. As such, you can rest assured that your program will offer the best and most trustworthy treatments in the industry. We can meet with both families and individuals to ensure that everyone’s needs will be addressed and taken care of. We want our clients to fully know what to expect from their recovery process. As an inpatient, you will likely undergo 24/7 support to help through the detox process.

Families can also take part in our family counseling process.

Families play an important role in helping their loved one to cope and get back on the path to recovery. Of course, the family’s involvement is with written permission by the client. So, we encourage families to be involved at every step of the recovery process. Families can be completely educated about their loved one’s addiction and what they can do help that person avoid relapse. Family members can also gain insights as to whether they have become co-dependent. If so, they can learn how to let go and assist their loved one in getting well.

How to Survive Your Treatment Program

Keep a positive mindset about what may, or may not happen while in rehab. Take it easy; one day at a time. There is nothing you can do to rush the process. Start a journal and record your incredible journey. Gain as much information as you can about your addiction. Know its causes and be able identify triggers that can lead to relapse. The knowledge and strength you gain while in rehab can be leveraged for a lifetime.

We believe these things, and we practice what we preach.

Our greatest joy is knowing that you have the same chances of beating your addiction as thousands of others. It will take discipline and focus on your behalf, but the results will be well worth the time spent. If you or a loved one needs treating for a drug or substance abuse addiction, contact us today to learn more about the admissions process and what to expect while in our care.

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