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At Sprout Health California Detox, we understand how challenging life can become for both the addicted individual and their loved one. We offer detox treatment for both drug and alcohol addiction. We congratulate you for taking the first, and perhaps, most important step of admitting there is a problem, and then seeking help. We also understand how challenging the actual process of detox can be. Our trained and caring clinical staff is experienced in helping individuals to eliminate drugs and alcohol from their body. During the process, detox can be potentially uncomfortable and dangerous. Our mission is to provide you with detox treatments in a safe and secure environment.

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I Made The Choice To Get Help, Now What?

At Sprout Health California Detox, we think the decision to seek treatment for a drug or substance abuse program is a courageous thing to do. However, if you or a loved one’s life is spinning out of control because of an addiction, you may not have another alternative if your goal is complete recovery. While seeking treatment may be a difficult decision, it is certainly rewarding in the end. Treatment can also be life-sustaining.

Knowing if There is an Addiction Problem

You will know if you or a loved one has an addiction to drugs or alcohol by the following. The person is unable to stop drinking on taking drugs despite the fact they know their health is at risk. A person can be at risk if there is a family history of drug or alcohol abuse. Observe if your loved one has increased their alcohol consumption over time. If they are in withdrawal, are they using again to curb withdrawal symptoms. Are there legal consequences to consider as a result of addiction? Are friend or family members expressing concern the individual’s drinking or drug habits have gotten out of control.

Getting Started

Getting started with admissions is simply the act of picking up the phone and scheduling an appointment at a treatment center. For some, that phone call takes tremendous effort. That is okay. At Sprout Health California Detox, we simply want you to make the initial call.
Our caring and professional intake specialists will ask a series of simple questions to start the process. Those questions will concern an honest answer about your drug or alcohol use. Our Intake Coordinators can provide you with information concerning your insurance benefits to help you make a well-informed decision. Then, a tour of our facility can be arranged so that you have an insider’s view of what you will experience and the outcome that you can expect. They can even tell you how much money to bring to last through your treatment program.

Your Treatment

The length of your treatment will depend on your level of addiction, how long you have taken the drug, and your general status of health. Treatment can either be inpatient or outpatient. If inpatient, it will be intense and provide 24/7 support and assistance. Diets will be assessed, and behavior therapy treatments will help the patient understand their addiction and the triggers that can send them into relapse. If outpatient, you can expect the same level of clinical expertise to be applied. Patients may be able to return home at the end of day and get on with somewhat of a normal lifestyle. Follow-up treatment programs may include individual counseling, and group counseling or family counseling sessions. Each is designed to help the patient understand their addiction, its causes, and how to avoid relapse.

The Necessity of Aftercare

Some will ask if aftercare is important. We say “yes.” Aftercare can be a lifelong process. As such, Sprout Health California Detox provides its patients with the tolls to engage in lifelong sobriety. We want patients to lead a productive life that is free of addiction and its consequences.

The Consequences of Addiction

Addiction can ruin lives, period. Finances can dwindle, relationships can suffer, and careers can be placed on hold. It takes a lot for a person to pick up the phone and schedule a treatment center for help. Whatever the excuse, and there are some creative ones, nothing beats taking the first step to detox treatment. Then, we can schedule a treatment and follow-up plans that helps keep you on the straight and narrow.
You personally know if a loved one or yourself suffers from an addiction that has gotten out of control. Successful detox alone is beyond the ability of the vast majority of people. Since the body has built up a need for the drug or alcohol, sudden detox sometimes has deadly consequences.

Be on the safe side. Contact our facility today and learn all about our programs and accomplishments of helping people just like you. Our staff is highly qualified and experienced. As such, you can expect only the very best of care and ongoing support. We have the programs and therapies to treat any addiction or co-occurring illness.

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Sprout Health California Detox will provide you the latest trends and current news about what is going on in the world today. This blog and article section will educate and distribute knowledge with true tale success stories of alumni, articles/news featuring those who are in treatment recovery, and those who triumphantly traveled the road to recovery are now helping others. The blogs and articles are to help educate those who are interested in going into treatment to be free from addiction and for families to help support their loved ones and educate themselves.

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