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At Sprout Health California Detox, we understand how challenging life can become for both the addicted individual and their loved one. We offer detox treatment for both drug and alcohol addiction. We congratulate you for taking the first, and perhaps, most important step of admitting there is a problem, and then seeking help. We also understand how challenging the actual process of detox can be. Our trained and caring clinical staff is experienced in helping individuals to eliminate drugs and alcohol from their body. During the process, detox can be potentially uncomfortable and dangerous. Our mission is to provide you with detox treatments in a safe and secure environment.

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Narcotics Addicted Anonymous in CA

Accepting That You Are Powerless In An Addiction Does Not Mean There Is Nothing You Can Do About It!

While having a social support network is not mandatory, it is important for a patient, who has recently completed their dependency and addiction treatment, to remain faithful to their treatment and recovery goals by attending groups, such as Narcotics Anonymous. It should be understood that social support groups, like Narcotics Anonymous, are not substitutes to highly individualized treatment programs.

Narcotics Anonymous was established in 1953 and is largely based on the principles of the 12-step program. The goal of the group is to help individuals recovering from drug addiction to regain as much control of their lives as possible. If there is one basic requirement to becoming a member, it is to accept that one is truly powerless in his addictions. This does not mean that there is nothing he can do about it, it just means that it will take a lot of effort and support to lead a much better life.

Throughout the 12-step program, members are strongly encouraged to verbalize and share their experiences. It is here that people are able to find the courage and motivation to remain sober and addiction free for as long as they possibly can. These support groups do not provide counseling nor any form of treatment but they do provide camaraderie and a bond among individuals who share similar life experiences. The interpersonal relationships formed in these groups are based on peer support. Individuals are more likely to trust someone who has gone through the same life experiences. It is in the sharing of life experiences that makes peer support groups enticing and important.

As one goes through the 12-step process, he or she naturally develops skills to become a better person. They also take on the ideal characteristics of a good leader. By the time that person has completed the 12-step process, they can then take on the role of a sponsor and help a new recovering addict. They becomes the facilitator and a guide for others who are just beginning their road to recovery. Narcotics Anonymous members do not strive for perfection; they only strive to become better people than they previously were. The mere fact that NA has millions of members who have been living free from addiction for a long time is a testament to the effectiveness of social support groups.

Sprout Health California Detox does not conduct Narcotics Anonymous meetings; however, we can facilitate an individual’s participation in an NA meeting should he wish to do so. Our structured treatment programs closely mirrors the steps observes in NA sans the spiritual or moral component. Our treatment programs are designed in such a way that therapists and counselors will be assisting each client with every element of the treatment and rehabilitation process.

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Sprout Health California Detox will provide you the latest trends and current news about what is going on in the world today. This blog and article section will educate and distribute knowledge with true tale success stories of alumni, articles/news featuring those who are in treatment recovery, and those who triumphantly traveled the road to recovery are now helping others. The blogs and articles are to help educate those who are interested in going into treatment to be free from addiction and for families to help support their loved ones and educate themselves.

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