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At Sprout Health California Detox, we understand how challenging life can become for both the addicted individual and their loved one. We offer detox treatment for both drug and alcohol addiction. We congratulate you for taking the first, and perhaps, most important step of admitting there is a problem, and then seeking help. We also understand how challenging the actual process of detox can be. Our trained and caring clinical staff is experienced in helping individuals to eliminate drugs and alcohol from their body. During the process, detox can be potentially uncomfortable and dangerous. Our mission is to provide you with detox treatments in a safe and secure environment.

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Alcohol Detox Treatment Centers

Is Alcohol Detox Needed? If Your An Alcoholic It Is!

If you have reached a point in your life where alcohol abuse is the norm, then detox is the best solution to help you break free of addiction. Detox, however, should be attempted with clinical professionals in a controlled environment. Detox helps patients to stop using and to cleanse their body. Counseling and therapy helps individuals to understand the nature of their addiction, and to remain abstinent. Even after alcohol is flushed from a person’s system, they can still crave their substance. Make no mistake, alcohol addiction can be a fatal disease. This makes quitting essential.

Is Alcohol Detox Easy?

No for everyone. For many, detox can be a painful and challenging experience. Consider that your body will be denied what it has become addicted to. If going it alone, you will be tested physically, emotionally, and psychologically. For many, quitting without professional help is an impossible task.

If you have consumed large amounts of alcohol for an extended period of time, your best chance of recovery is a detox facility where trained clinicians have the knowledge, tools, and programs to assist.

Detox Symptoms

Delirium tremens affect up to five percent of people attempting to kick their drinking habit. If the habit goes untreated, they have a 33 percent chance of dying. Detoxing in a controlled facility raises a person’s chances of survival up to 95 percent. Typical withdrawal symptoms include vomiting, nausea, repulsion at the sign of food, chills, swelling, severe headaches, and insomnia. On the heavier side of the addiction, an alcoholic may suffer from hallucinations, seizures, and convulsions.

Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment

An effective treatment center can be expected to offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment options. Outpatient treatments may be recommended for those who have not yet developed an addiction, but still may have a drinking problem. Their attachment to alcohol, at this point, is more of an emotional attachment. Inpatient treatment is for those who have a real addiction problem. The attachment is both physical and emotional. Both options provide effective treatment, but inpatient treatment tends to be more intense.

Evaluation Process

When first entering treatment, expect to receive a thorough psychological and medical evaluation. This is where we ask patients to be honest about their drinking habits. We can then use all the data collected to tailor a treatment plan designed for an individual’s needs and habits. Admission begins the process of detox. Medications are given along with nutritious meals to get nutrients back into the alcoholic’s body. We also encourage our patients to get plenty of rest during detox.

Therapy Begins

A patient’s therapy will begin after their body successfully detoxes itself. At Sprout Health California Detox, we find that group therapy serves the patient extremely well. It is considered to be among the best treatments for alcoholism. Hearing the stories and triumphs of other patients can work wonders for the recovering alcoholic. Therapy sessions are private, and members only share with each other within the group. Individual therapy is also an option, where the alcoholic can talk with professionals about their addiction.

Choosing the Right Center

Making the choice to attend detox is a brave one. However, the next challenge can be fining the detox center that is right for you. At Sprout Health California Detox, our intake specialists can speak with you concerning payment options and plans. Some residents have their own insurance plans, while others do not. Our goal is to help each individual find a solution that will help them enter our treatment program, and then move on to regain control of their life and remain sober.

You may also seek to find a treatment center that offers amenities that you would find in a five-star hotel. It depends on your financial situation and the programs offered. Your main mission, whether detox treatment is for you or a loved one, is to find an effective detox treatment that works. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an application that can individuals to better understand how their thoughts and actions are related. It can also help them prepare to address problems in a more positive way. We think you can benefit tremendously.

Get the help you or a loved one needs today. Addiction can ruin families, lives, careers, and relationships.

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